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Saturday, June 5, 2010


Saturday, June 5, 2010

A dictionary explains that research is advanced study of a subject, so as to learn new facts or scientific laws. Perfectly, an encyclopedia explains that research is a systematic investigation of a particular subject. In science, it continues, it is an effort to discover new knowledge to develop new processes of products. In laws, it is a collection of information that already exists. The differences is because a dictionary explains words and encyclopedia explains facts.

When someone wants to write a biography of famous person, he might read that person's letters, diaries, and other writings, and collect the details of the person's life. This work is also called a research.
After conducting research, it usually reports you made in the form of term paper. If you have trouble sometimes several professional writers who can help you to custom research papers.

A research might be interested in:
a. The investigation of the origin of the universe.
b. Developing new materials for particular industry uses.
c. Examining the molecules that make up the cells of plants or animals.
d. Finding ways to detect and cure the diseases.
e. Discovering how to prevent crime.
f. Studying about why people buy certain products.

You'll get easy to write the research like the examples above by making use of custom writing services.

But if you want to write your result of
research so you will be a researcher who must work in a series and well organized. He must follow the following research steps:
a. defining the problem,
b. studying existing information,
c. forming a hypothesis,
d. collecting evidence,
e. drawing a conclusion.

The conclusion drawn must be logical and statistical. He writes the results of his work and presents them at the meeting of professional societies. When valid, his work is protected by a patent.

There are two types of
research. They are basic research and applied research. Basic research is used to know better about a particular subject and solve practical problems. Applied research aims at the developing of a new product. It stresses at a practical goal, that is why it depends largely on trial and error. Often a research is one branch of science helps research in another. For example, a research in crime has played an important role in the development of social studies then stimulates the educational system.

research requires a large amount of money for researchers salary, equipment and laboratories. It can only be carried out with the funds provided by the government or business firms sponsor research.

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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

You can survive without cigarettes

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Smokers often admit that smoking can actually make them calm. However, they do not realize that the tension of the moment before they start smoking is not caused by stress or an incident that corner, but the tension triggered by the addictive nicotine. Indeed, not easy to quit smoking, but it is very possible to be done. Begin to think about quitting gradually. Reduce the number of cigarettes that you suck everyday. Replace regular cigarettes with nicotine-containing tart and littler. Make the car and the bedroom as a place of non-smoking.

You also must pay attention to psychological factors that are not aware is important in your life. During these years, unconsciously you may always lights a cigarette every time you're watching television or when hot coffee is served. Look for another habit to replace the old custom, such as clove chewed gum or drinking a little water. Some smokers typically stop drinking coffee or alcoholic beverages for a period of times because they felt that both types of drinks are often arouse smoking.

Sport is an important tool to help stop smoking. If you start a regular exercise program, then when you stop smoking, you will still get used to exercising. When quitting smoking, you will feel astonished at the realization that you can survive for no longer smoking. At first you will feel tortured or imprisoned, but the exercise will help you to against those feelings even stronger. Sports will accelerate your metabolism, lose weight, suppress the desire to smoke and make the body more immune.

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Why do we have a pimple?


No one is happy to have pimples and black spots. Both acne and black smudges on the face was usually started from the hair follicle. Certain glands, called 'sebaceous glands' a fatty material issue here. When the hair follicle is closed and fat together, then become a blackish stain.

Acne is a small part protruding skin that normally contains pus. But, the cause of acne is more difficult to explain than the black stains. This is because acne caused by many conditions, including food that is not balanced, glandular imbalance, or a small infection on the skin. Acne can also be a sign of skin problems, or a sign of disease within the body. That is why people should consult a doctor if he has a lot of acne. Of course, doctors will try to find the causes and treatments. If the acne is caused by problems in the body, then the medication from the outside alone is not useful and can even damage the skin. Do not squeeze pimples because it makes the bacteria can get into the area.

Acne is a condition that occurs in many people. Acne includes black stain, pustule (spots containing pus), cysts (spots containing fluid or semi-solid), and nodule (swelling or accumulation of cells). In some cases of acne occur due to eating a certain food, exposed to dust or glands that are not working properly. We recommend that you use a quality acne medication or in accordance with physician instructions.

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Why does the human body needs water?


Approximately 60% of the human body consists of water. If you can extort people, then you will get about 50 liters of water (for those with weight around 80 kg). This water is not like regular water because they contain substances vital for the body. Approximately 4.5 liters of water inside the blood vessels and is constantly circulated by the heart. Blood fluid is bathing every cell in the body with a constant flow. This fluid also acts as a heat conductor in the body. Even if you do not drink in one day, you still get about a quart of water from solid foods you eat. So, if you eat fruits, vegetables, bread and meat, you'll have water because the food is composed of 30% - 90% water. In addition, most people drink about 2 liters of fluid in the form of water.

In one day, about 10 liters of water back and forth in the body among various organs of the body. For example, when you chew something and swallow, you swallow the saliva from the salivary glands. In the next few seconds, this water is replaced in the glands with water from the blood vessels. Water that you swallow, will exit from the stomach and intestines into the blood. Amount of fluid in the blood is always the same. While you feel 'dry' after exercising on a hot day, the blood vessels filled with liquid in the same amount. And no matter how much water you drink, the numbers remain the same. What happens to the excess of water? Water is stored in various parts of the body. This was included in the intestine, in liver, in muscle and in kidney.

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Keep your physical and mental health by sport


All persons would have ever gone through a difficult time filled with stress. At moments like this, peace becomes a very difficult atmosphere created, yet you can actually get to enjoy it through exercise. Research shows that exercise can produce hormone, endorphins, hormones that trigger positive feelings. Exercise can increase body temperature, while the temperatures of muscles become softer. This warm temperate sea of blood will flow runs through the entire body and stimulates the brain works. Exercise also can ward off the tension of nerve fibers, so that people would be easier to relax.

Every time exercising, you mean have improved health conditions for long periods of time, while lowering the risk of chronic health problems associated with heart disease, high blood pressure and cholesterol. By exercising you burn fat, strengthen muscles, to train the flexibility and enhance the condition of blood lipids for the better.

If you're trying to lose weight, then exercise is a must. If you managed to raise the level of metabolism, the body will burn more calories, even when you are resting. If you can burn more calories, then the control diet do not need too tight. More and more foods are available, the easier to enjoy them. You will enter the periods that are not too tiring due to the pressure that appears, for a longer period of time. And no less important, the exercise will help you to stay healthy with the ideal body.

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The importance of water in life


'Water is a precious substance that something, which gives benefits to all substances without any intention to rival the nature of the substance' (Lao Tzu) Our bodies need plenty of fluids, at least six to eight glasses a day. You will realize the importance of water when exercising, but when you do not exercise often ignored. Though the body will becomes dehydrated if they do not get enough fluids, even though you're not exercising. When the heat or the wind, the sweat will be pouring, while you do not realize that the moment you need lots of fluids. After a day on the beach, working or playing outdoors. You often feel tired. At moments like that, you always think that you just need some fresh air. In fact, it is the symptom of fatigue early on that the body begins to dehydrate. When body heat is too high, the body adapts to cool it down with sweat. A moment later his thirst grew. This is the body's way of telling that you should be drinking. If you do heavy exercise, sometimes the body does not give exact details about how much fluid is needed. Often you just feel a certain degree of thirst, whereas the amount of fluid needed far exceeds the degree of thirst. This means you should drink more than the amount of fluid that you think would fit with needs. Cold water will more quickly digested by the stomach. The marathon runners, at least drink a glass of water in 15 minutes or so, along the running track, to avoid the danger of dehydration. Various brands of ‘health drink ' claims that these drinks can replace the ions of the body as well as mineral water. However, the real people who do not need a drink ordinary activities 'health' is, because of their daily activities will not sweat too much to deplete ions dissolve the body. If you care about the health of your body, so balance the drink with a healthy portion of food, guaranteed you'll be fine. You should know that most of the drinks 'health' only consists of a mixture of water and sugar. Actually sugar and flavor enhancer substance will settle in the stomach before absorbed by the body. Mineral water remains the best fluids to prevent dehydration and it's cheaper.

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Old Grandfather


Mrs Brown’s old grandfather lived with her and her husband. Every morning he went for a walk in the park and came home at half past twelve for his lunch.

But one morning a police car stopped outside Mrs Brown’s house at twelve o’clock, and two policemen helped Mr Brown to get out. One of them said to Mrs Brown, ‘The poor old gentleman lost his way in the park and telephoned to us for help, so we sent a car to bring him home’. Mrs Brown was very surprised, but she thanked the policemen and they left.

‘But, grandfather’, she then said, ‘you have been to that park nearly everyday for twenty years. How did you lose your way there?’
The old man smiled, closed one eye and said, ‘I didn’t quite lose my way. I just got tired and I didn’t want to walk home!’

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I am not a bear


Old Mr. Black loved shooting bears, but his eyes were not good anymore. Several times he nearly shot people instead of bears, so his friends were always very careful when they went out shooting with him.

One day a young friend of his wanted to have a joke, so he got a big piece of white paper and wrote on it in very big letters ‘I AM NOT A BEAR’. The he tied it to his back and went off. His friends saw it and laughed a lot. But it did not save him. After a few minutes Mr Black shot at him and knocked hit hat off.

The young man was frightened and angry. ‘Did not you see this paper?’, he shouted to Mr Black. ‘Yes, I did’, said Mr Black. Then he went nearer, looked carefully at the paper and said, ‘Oh, I am very sorry, I did not see the word NOT,’

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Beer is danger


A man always went to the same bar at the same time every day and asked for two glasses of beer. He drank them and then asked for two more.

One day the man behind the bar said to him, ‘Why do you always ask for two glasses of beer? Why don’t you get one big glasses instead?’

The man answered, ‘Because I do not like to drink alone. I drink with my friend.’

But, a few days later the man came in and asked only for one beer.
‘Oh’, said the barman, ‘has your friend died?’
‘Oh, no’, said the man. ‘He is very well. This beer is for him. But I have stopped drinking beer. My doctor doesn’t want me to drink anymore because it is dangerous for me.’

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Joke 3


Robby had an old shed. It had no windows, so it was very dark, and it was full of old things.

One day, Robby went into this shed to get a ladder, but slipped on something and fell against a big garden fork. The fork hit him on the head and knocked him down. Then it fell on top of him and hit him hard on the left leg. The ends of the fork then went into his long beard. He thought with the fork fiercely, and at last threw it off him, jumped up and ran out of the shed. He was very angry. He had an old sword under his bad, and he now ran and got this. Then he ran back to the shed, opened the door suddenly and shouted in a terrible voice, ‘All right, come out and fight! You and all the other forks in the world! I am not afraid of you!’

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