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Life is a Gift

Every day we are faced by the universe and life. Life is would be considered beautiful or gray; it all depends on the art of treating our own thoughts and emotions. Everyone has been blessed with advantages and disadvantages. Now, a fundamental question for us is how we utilize our advantages to cover weaknesses in ourselves. Unfortunately, many people who always feel weak because of deficiencies in them, but they forget that they also have advantages that is can be used to organize for better life. Instead, we are always aware of it. Weaknesses exist in ourselves we are not the only evidence that humans are perfect, nobody is perfect in this world. Weaknesses and strengths exist are in our-selves as the suggestions for us to share with the people around us. There lies the beauty of life, when we give and take with people. It is better for us for more giving than receiving.

From the first heaven and the sun never changed, that can be change is the paradigms of many people about how to view and interpret the world around them. Physically the human brain and body organs are the same. The different one is the ability to manage and empower potential. Life is beautiful if we really want and enjoy the beauty of life. In contrast, life is a series of pain if we focus and choose the dark side of life.

Many things in this world that is closely related to our lives, for example, about daily experiences, hobbies, education, games, health, religion, art, technology and information, and many other things that exist around us. All this is a facility available to us so that we can explore the potential that exists within us. We just need to think smartly so that we can utilize all the facilities that surround us, even if it is a natural resource. Therefore, should we be wiser in this life to find true happiness.

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