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Friday, May 7, 2010

Family Life

Friday, May 7, 2010

Family is called the oldest and most common human institution. It is an important organization in society. It fulfils many important functions in society, such as providing protection, needs, training for their children and helping them become familiar with the culture of their society. Normally, a family consists of a husband, a wife and children. Parents play an important role in family life and the home becomes the center of their activities of caring for the children, creating relations, playing games, watching TV, house keeping, etc. In the home, parents bring their children up and educate them with basic social skills, such as how to talk, behave and get along with others. Children are sometimes said to be the reflection of their parents and home life. This indicates that parents are totally responsible for their children’s social life.

Today, there are many children do not feel that they belong to their family and home-sweet-home is only an unreal dream. Consequently, it brings problems not only for their family but also the environment where they live. Then, the question is how it can be? In a family life, the harmonies relation and good communication among the members is absolutely needed. Parents should not create a wall between them and their children. Children should be given chance to talk and express how they feel while parents are supposed to be good listeners. Whenever there are problems at home, parents should not lie about them. They should even honestly discuss and solve them with their children. In short, the children must be treated democratically and given full attention, not over protection. It is obvious that no parents expect their children to avoid them or worse, not to trust them. To win their children trust, they have to make themselves a place to share and lean on. Anytime, the children need them badly, they are always by their side.


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