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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The importance of water in life

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

'Water is a precious substance that something, which gives benefits to all substances without any intention to rival the nature of the substance' (Lao Tzu) Our bodies need plenty of fluids, at least six to eight glasses a day. You will realize the importance of water when exercising, but when you do not exercise often ignored. Though the body will becomes dehydrated if they do not get enough fluids, even though you're not exercising. When the heat or the wind, the sweat will be pouring, while you do not realize that the moment you need lots of fluids. After a day on the beach, working or playing outdoors. You often feel tired. At moments like that, you always think that you just need some fresh air. In fact, it is the symptom of fatigue early on that the body begins to dehydrate. When body heat is too high, the body adapts to cool it down with sweat. A moment later his thirst grew. This is the body's way of telling that you should be drinking. If you do heavy exercise, sometimes the body does not give exact details about how much fluid is needed. Often you just feel a certain degree of thirst, whereas the amount of fluid needed far exceeds the degree of thirst. This means you should drink more than the amount of fluid that you think would fit with needs. Cold water will more quickly digested by the stomach. The marathon runners, at least drink a glass of water in 15 minutes or so, along the running track, to avoid the danger of dehydration. Various brands of ‘health drink ' claims that these drinks can replace the ions of the body as well as mineral water. However, the real people who do not need a drink ordinary activities 'health' is, because of their daily activities will not sweat too much to deplete ions dissolve the body. If you care about the health of your body, so balance the drink with a healthy portion of food, guaranteed you'll be fine. You should know that most of the drinks 'health' only consists of a mixture of water and sugar. Actually sugar and flavor enhancer substance will settle in the stomach before absorbed by the body. Mineral water remains the best fluids to prevent dehydration and it's cheaper.


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