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Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Environment

Thursday, May 6, 2010

The environment is part of human life. Man and his environment are two different subjects which cannot be separated each other, meaning man depends on his environment and on other hand, the environment needs man's interference. Man needs an environment to live in, socialize, survive and so on, while the existence of environment is on man's hand. Environment is everything that is external to an organism. Man's environment includes some factors as temperature, food supply other people, soil, plants, animals and sunlight. There are two kinds of essential environment, abiotic and biotic environment. Abiotic environment includes soil, water, atmosphere and radiation which influence one another and influence the surrounding community of living things. For example, a river current, temperature, clearness, chemical composition which will influence people, animals and plants living there. They depend on weather conditions. Food, plants, animals, and their interaction among one another and the abiotic environment is biotic environment. People cannot survive without it, therefore people must care about, maintain and preserve their environment.

The beauty, healthy and cleanliness of the environment is people’s responsibility, otherwise there will be environmental pollution as air, soil, water and noise pollution. The air pollution, indoor and outdoor, can harm people’s health, damage property and kill plants and animalsThe example of indoor air pollution is cigarette smoke. Exhaust fumes, haze, manufacture combustion are the examples of outdoor pollution. Careless treatment of soil can cause soil pollution or even destroy the soil. This happens when people carelessly dump poisonous substance. The pollutans that effect water come mainly from substance industries, farms, sewerage systems and household rubbish. Rivers usually flow into the sea and automatically polluted rivers effect it. This water pollution that cannot be neglected is noise pollution. It is a problem, which can annoy people and even can damage hearing. Playing music loudly, burning fire crackers are the examples of polluting noise.

Realizing the danger of these pollutions, people should have senses of belonging and responsibility for their environment by participating clean water program, planting millions of trees, and other efforts, which support clean environments and comfortable life.


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