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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Why do we have a pimple?

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

No one is happy to have pimples and black spots. Both acne and black smudges on the face was usually started from the hair follicle. Certain glands, called 'sebaceous glands' a fatty material issue here. When the hair follicle is closed and fat together, then become a blackish stain.

Acne is a small part protruding skin that normally contains pus. But, the cause of acne is more difficult to explain than the black stains. This is because acne caused by many conditions, including food that is not balanced, glandular imbalance, or a small infection on the skin. Acne can also be a sign of skin problems, or a sign of disease within the body. That is why people should consult a doctor if he has a lot of acne. Of course, doctors will try to find the causes and treatments. If the acne is caused by problems in the body, then the medication from the outside alone is not useful and can even damage the skin. Do not squeeze pimples because it makes the bacteria can get into the area.

Acne is a condition that occurs in many people. Acne includes black stain, pustule (spots containing pus), cysts (spots containing fluid or semi-solid), and nodule (swelling or accumulation of cells). In some cases of acne occur due to eating a certain food, exposed to dust or glands that are not working properly. We recommend that you use a quality acne medication or in accordance with physician instructions.


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