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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

You can survive without cigarettes

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Smokers often admit that smoking can actually make them calm. However, they do not realize that the tension of the moment before they start smoking is not caused by stress or an incident that corner, but the tension triggered by the addictive nicotine. Indeed, not easy to quit smoking, but it is very possible to be done. Begin to think about quitting gradually. Reduce the number of cigarettes that you suck everyday. Replace regular cigarettes with nicotine-containing tart and littler. Make the car and the bedroom as a place of non-smoking.

You also must pay attention to psychological factors that are not aware is important in your life. During these years, unconsciously you may always lights a cigarette every time you're watching television or when hot coffee is served. Look for another habit to replace the old custom, such as clove chewed gum or drinking a little water. Some smokers typically stop drinking coffee or alcoholic beverages for a period of times because they felt that both types of drinks are often arouse smoking.

Sport is an important tool to help stop smoking. If you start a regular exercise program, then when you stop smoking, you will still get used to exercising. When quitting smoking, you will feel astonished at the realization that you can survive for no longer smoking. At first you will feel tortured or imprisoned, but the exercise will help you to against those feelings even stronger. Sports will accelerate your metabolism, lose weight, suppress the desire to smoke and make the body more immune.


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