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Saturday, June 5, 2010


Saturday, June 5, 2010

A dictionary explains that research is advanced study of a subject, so as to learn new facts or scientific laws. Perfectly, an encyclopedia explains that research is a systematic investigation of a particular subject. In science, it continues, it is an effort to discover new knowledge to develop new processes of products. In laws, it is a collection of information that already exists. The differences is because a dictionary explains words and encyclopedia explains facts.

When someone wants to write a biography of famous person, he might read that person's letters, diaries, and other writings, and collect the details of the person's life. This work is also called a research.
After conducting research, it usually reports you made in the form of term paper. If you have trouble sometimes several professional writers who can help you to custom research papers.

A research might be interested in:
a. The investigation of the origin of the universe.
b. Developing new materials for particular industry uses.
c. Examining the molecules that make up the cells of plants or animals.
d. Finding ways to detect and cure the diseases.
e. Discovering how to prevent crime.
f. Studying about why people buy certain products.

You'll get easy to write the research like the examples above by making use of custom writing services.

But if you want to write your result of
research so you will be a researcher who must work in a series and well organized. He must follow the following research steps:
a. defining the problem,
b. studying existing information,
c. forming a hypothesis,
d. collecting evidence,
e. drawing a conclusion.

The conclusion drawn must be logical and statistical. He writes the results of his work and presents them at the meeting of professional societies. When valid, his work is protected by a patent.

There are two types of
research. They are basic research and applied research. Basic research is used to know better about a particular subject and solve practical problems. Applied research aims at the developing of a new product. It stresses at a practical goal, that is why it depends largely on trial and error. Often a research is one branch of science helps research in another. For example, a research in crime has played an important role in the development of social studies then stimulates the educational system.

research requires a large amount of money for researchers salary, equipment and laboratories. It can only be carried out with the funds provided by the government or business firms sponsor research.


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