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Friday, May 7, 2010

I Love You Mom

Friday, May 7, 2010

Mom… I love you

My fingers began to move the pen and stringing pretty words.
Although, not as beautiful as each stanza prayer that you gave at the palace veranda of God.
Although, it is not as beautiful as any that you peel the verses that still echo in my soul.
I imagine when you welcome my presence in this strange world, initially with a smile full of hope and love.
Though before you thrash it, give up the blood, and leave over body and soul with panting breath.
Shortly, after a tense seconds,
you flutter wing full of warmth,
Full stroked love
And sow the millions of love.
Now I am adult, I understand of how meaningful you in my life.
You are the light of my life.
You are the best for me grace.
Since I was in the womb until this magnitude, not a bit of affection is reduced, but it increases as time passes.
If I have learned many things, then you are the best teachers who had trained and taught.
If I had to learn about the meaning of sacrifice and sincerity, it's all reflected on your precious personal.
Always give without hoping to be given.
Always understand me, without hoping to understand.
Like the bright sun shining on the world, then you were like the sun.
Like the beautiful moon that accompanies the night, and then you were like a month.
Like rain falling from the sky, it's like every drop of tears that flowed when you pray for me.
Your heart is always sincere prayer behind a series of full often laments when praying.
Mom …I am so sorry for the entire wrongs attitude and the words said ever hurt you soft.
Have you carving many beautiful memories in my life.
Oh God ... pardon my mother’s sins and care her is like she loves me.
Make her happy in the world and the hereafter.
Love always for mother.
I love U Mom.


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