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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Juvenile delinquency in sexual deviation

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Juvenile delinquency is increasing, not only in frequency but also because the variety and intensity. One type of variation is quite alarming and is a sexual deviation that young children do with all the negative effects that disturb the peace and happiness level of societal life. The future of the nation and the country is located in the shoulder and responsibilities of this teenager. If they growth with improving the quality of the improvement of good hope and happiness of the nation can be expected. However, if the opposite occurs then the blame can not be avoided is the problem more real and getting worse.

Efforts to understand the problem is not based on thoughts that are not balanced, but pursued the way of solving the problem teenagers. The best not only in understanding the problems, but also the constructive steps that implemented by the community and a nation that is committed to developing the whole human pattern formation.

The teens are those who have left the childhood dependency and towards the establishment of responsibility. Adolescence is marked by new experiences that previously had never imagined and experienced. Mature teens can be seen from physical-biological or psychological or psychiatric. The first menstrual discharge for women and sperm in the first-wet-dream for men is the first milestone in human life which shows that they were on the way teens are beautiful and full of question marks.

In the physical-biological growth, the maturation of hormones in your body greatly affects the teenagers in their sexual maturity, such as the emergence of sexual impulses are more alive and vibrant. Interest in sex began to flourish in the specific sense that they are in the introduction of self was still greatly reduced. Psychological developments that are not properly briefed will always be a question that disrupt and disturb the peace of life is very young.

Communities that developed so rapidly in both material and shift change the values of life were its impact not only on parents and adults but also for young people. If parents' attention and time so consumed by his desire for material advantage is one of a symbol of social status, then the fulfillment of responsibility towards the children teen became dormant. This situation is why teenagers sometimes develop into mischievous and troublesome parents (adults), others in the community. Indeed the development of adolescents is influenced by several factors, among others, by internal factors (endogenous) and external factors (exogenous).

If teens have a hereditary component (descendants) and constitutional factors that are not fun then complemented by several external factors it is very probable that adolescents have the potential conditions adverse to that in time will become a naughty child. Endogenous factors also play a role in this regard. State of consciousness of faith and religious knowledge and experience of teenage life also have an important role. The better the religious appreciation in adolescents who later supported by exemplary parents, then the fruit of obedience in a religious obligation to do dozens of psychological cases showed decreased frequency of delinquency or very low.

In a very simple description can be noted, that in the field of adolescent sexual delinquency caused by the following circumstances:
1. The quality of adolescent self; as less healthy emotional development, they have problems in the development of a clean conscience and religious, the inability to use the spare time carefully and economically, overcoming weakness in failure by choosing the wrong alternative activities and the development of habits of self-less even not healthy in everyday life.

2. Quality of family and community environments, such as home and family with an arid situation of love and understanding, economics do not support the will and the opportunity to learn and perform a more healthy recreation and is useful for the development of adolescents, the shift in values and moral citizens, serving the media mass of damaging the healthy moral development and local conditions that provide and stimulate individuals towards the development of adolescent physic-bisexual that are not normative.

The types of sexual deviations that often occur among adolescents are:
1. Masturbation; done by hand or with other replacement items that can provide delicious juice that eventually could release sperm in adolescent boys and orgasms (the highest feelings of sexual pleasure) in adolescents putrid. These activities are generally carried out by activating the fantasies and supported by several environmental and personal circumstances such as when alone, after reading or viewing pornographic pictures or videos.
2. Free sex, deviant sexual activity can be done individually or in groups at a time and place agreed upon. This sex party is usually preceded by events quite stimulating, and at places considered safe from public knowledge.
3. Life together without marriage or seamen Leaven. Forms of social life such as are usually done by a very thin their religious moral and social interaction, or perhaps vice verse to cover sexual behavior that deviates from the norms prevailing society.
4. Fetishism; a sexual disorder is usually experienced by men where they feel happy with the things he knew a woman who substitutes such as bras, underwear, dresses and so forth.
5. Exhibitionism, a discrepancy that perpetrators of sexual pleasure and are satisfied with the attention to members of the genitals to others.
6. Voyeurism; sexual satisfaction that is felt by those who peered naked.
7. Homosexual; sexual satisfaction obtained by performing a same-sex sexual relations. The woman can be known as lesbianism.
8. Prostitution, sexual intercourse with sex workers or people who were not wives or husbands.
9. Rape, sexual activity with the existence of coercion.
10. Sexual satisfaction with a pet.

To overcome some of the problems described above, there are several steps that must be adopted:
1. Understanding of the problems teenagers
2. Investment information religion.
3. Habituation to worship the discipline to cultivate self-awareness.
4. Following a model example of a good and true.
5. Creating a healthy environment and a lot of sexual deviation.
6. Beware of the mass media that can lead to arousal.


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